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Tottenham Hotspur will face Bayern Munich in the final of the Audi Cup, which will take place at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany.

Tottenham beat Real Madrid 1-0, scored by Harry Kane in the 22nd minute, Bayern Munich won 6-1 for Fenerbahce, Germany’s Renato Sanchez scored 22 minutes, Lyon Gourtica in the 28th minute and Thomas Mueller in the 31st, 44th and 58th minutes. And Kingsley Koman in the 40th minute.

The match between Tottenham and Bayern Munich in the Audi Cup

The match will be held at 20:30 Cairo time and 21:30 Mecca time (18:30 GMT).

Stadium match against Tottenham and Bayern Munich in the Audi Cupز

The match takes place on the Arena Arenaز

Ducts to match Tottenham and Bayern Munich in the Audi Cup


Bayern Munich squad against Tottenham

Jerome Boateng will be next to Nicklas Zola in the center of the defense. The midfield will consist of the trio Tony Renato Sanchez, Alcantara, Leon Guretzka and will lead the attack by Pavari Levandowski alongside Kingsley Koman and Sergey Janabri.

Formation 4.3.3

Manuel Neuer
David Alappa – Niklas Zola – Jerome Boateng – Joshua Kimich
Renato Sanchez – Thiago Alcantara – Leon Gortzka
Kingsley Koman – Robert Levandowski – Sergey Janabri


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