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Jรผrgen Klopp, the professional manager of the English Premier League club Liverpool, has named 23 players for Napoli’s friendly match at the weekend in Edinburgh as part of the preparations for the new season.

According to the Liverpool website, Fabio Van Dyck, Fendelum, Louvre, Milner, Gomez, Henderson, Chamberlain, Lalana, Miniola, Brewster, Robertson, Wilson, Trent, Elliot, Van den Berg, Lunergan.

Liverpool will miss the three-day match against Mohamed Salah, Alison and Ferdinando, and the trio are expected to return to training on Monday.

Liverpool will meet Manchester City on August 4 at Wembley Stadium in the “Shield of Charity” before facing Norwich City on the ninth of this month at Anfield Stadium in the opening of the final edition of Premier League Premier League.

Liverpool were second in the Premier League Premier League with 97 points, behind Manchester City by one point.

While Mohammed Salah won the Golden Boot award for the top scorer in the English Premier League with 22 goals, alongside Liverpool’s Sadio Mani and Arsenal striker Obamyang.


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