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Sunday’s match against Crystal Palace, which brings the two teams to the Emirates Stadium for the 35th round of the English Premier League.

In the next few days, Sport will take you on a tour to inform you of the position of the two teams in the league before tomorrow’s match and the local time of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Greenwich and its channels.

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace
Arsenal are fourth on 66 points, with the team winning 20 games and a draw in six, while Jonai Emery suffered a loss in seven matches.

Cristal Palace are 14th on 39 points and have won 11 matches, drawn in six and lost 17 games.

The first leg between the two teams ended in a positive draw with two goals for each team at the Stadium of Silshert Park in the tenth week on the twenty-eighth of October 2018.

Luca Milivojevic scored two goals from Cristal, while Granit Chaka and Peer Emeric Obamyang scored two goals for Arsenal.

The timing of the match against Arsenal against Crystal Palace on Sunday
The match between the two teams for the 35th round of the Spanish Premier League begins at 5 pm local time in Cairo at 6:00 pm local time (GMT + 3 pm GMT).


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