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Sunday’s Everton match against Manchester United will be held on Sunday at the Stadium of Goodison Park for the 35th round of the Premier League.

In the next report, the idea of โ€‹โ€‹Sport highlights the highlights of the two teams before tomorrow’s game, as well as the timing of the game and its channels.

Everton vs Manchester United

Before the game, Everton are in 10th place in the Premier League with 46 points collected by the team from winning 13 wins and a draw in 7, while the team lost on 14 occasions.

In contrast, Jolie Onar Solskjaer’s team entered the game in sixth place with 64 points collected by the team from a 19-point win and a 7-point draw and lost seven more games.

The match between the two teams in the first round on the twenty-eighth of October 2018 has ended with the victory of United United 2-0.

Everton left in the 10th week of Old Trafford and Paul Bogba and Anthony Marcial scored the Red Devils’ goals while Gilfy Sigurdsson scored Everton’s only goal.

The timing of the match against Everton against Manchester United on Sunday
The Everton match against Manchester United, which brings together the two teams for the 35th round of the Premier League, starts at 12:30 GMT.


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