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Liverpool face a heavy guest on Porto on Saturday evening at the Dragoo stadium in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

The match against Porto vs Liverpool

Porto play against Liverpool at 9 pm, and at the same time Manchester City play with Tottenham Hotspur at the Union Stadium.

Porto vs Liverpool, Quarter Final

Liverpool are the favorites to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League, with a 2-0 lead in the first leg. Liverpool have a goalless draw or a 1-0 defeat to the semi-finals, while Porto need a 3-0 victory to continue their European career.

Expected formation of the match against Porto vs Liverpool

It is expected that Porto will play today’s match with Iker Casillas in the goalkeeper – Wilson Gana – Idir Milletau – Bibi – Maxi Pereira – Jesus Corona – Danilo Pereira – Hector Herrera – Otavio Edmilson – Francisco Suarez –

While Liverpool are expected to play today’s match with Allison in the goalie – Andy Robertson – Virgil Van Dyke – Joel Matip – Trent Arnold – James Milner – Jordan Henderson – Giorinho Venaldum – Sadio Mani – Roberto Fermino – Mohamed Salah.


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