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Arsenal will play against Watford at the end of the 34th round of the English Premier League on Monday.

 Arsenal enter the game in search of a win and won the three points, in order to continue to compete for a qualifying center to play the Champions League next season.

 Arsenal suffered a defeat in the last round at Everton FC 1-0, before winning a victory at the Napoli match last Thursday in the quarter-finals of the European Champions League.

 Arsenal Line Up vs Watford

 Arsenal are sixth on the English Premier League table with 63 points, while Watford are in 10th place with 46 points. Liverpool lead the Premier League with 82 points.

 Arsenal is expected to play the game with the following form:

 Goalkeepers: Lino
Defense: Monreal, Socrates, Kuselny, Niels
Midfield: Torrera, Ramsey, Colasinac
Attack: Lakazette, Ozil, Obamyang


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