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Bundesliga win over Bayern Munich and visiting Borussia Dortmund on Saturday evening is a sign that the Bundesliga are struggling to break the Bundesliga title.

The game looks very friendly and balanced, especially as Bayern Munich have no alternative but to win over the top of Borussia Dortmund.
Appointment and ducts

The match will be held at 19:30 KSA at the Allianz Arena stadium in the 28th round of the German league with whistle-blowing Manuel Grafie.

Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund occupy the top of the Bundesliga with 63 points, with big blacks for the Pistons with Swiss coach Luis Favre. The team had 19 wins, two defeats, six draws, 66 goals and 30 goals.

Bayern Munich are second on two points behind coach Nico Kovac, who faces fierce criticism amid news of his departure at the end of the season and Jose Mourinho takes charge. The team scored 19 victories and lost 4 times and tied like that and the Bavarian giant scored 69 goals and received 28 goals.

Bayern Munich lost their first-round match with a 2-3 win, sparking a flurry of confrontation in today’s meeting to avenge Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich and Kovac plans

Bayern Munich are entering the game under the slogan “There is no alternative to winning with coach Kovac, who confirmed that his team is only thinking about the reality of the game and the three points to take the lead, the most important goal.

Bayern Munich suffer from the absence of Corinthine Toleso and Arjen Robben, and Kovac remains confused between the reality of the game in his usual way 4-2-3-1, or the change to 3-4-3 by the coach, who faces fierce criticism.

Bayern Munich depends on a squad consisting of goalkeeper Manuel Noire, four-time champion Nicolas Soli and Matias Hummels, Joshua Kimic, the right-winger, making 15 goals this season, and David Alba in defense, while two-headed Javi Martinez and Tiago Alcantara, And imposed himself on the Bavarian lineup as a playmaker.

Kovac is counting on talented winger Sergei Gnabri and quick wing Kingsley Koman and goalsman Robert Levandovski, who scored 33 goals this season and made 13 goals.


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