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Barcelona vs Levante, La Liga, 27/4/2019

La Liga 27 April 2019

Barcelona will host Levante on Saturday in the 35th round of La Liga and at Camp Nou.

 Barcelona are top of the standings with 80 points, nine ahead of Atletico Madrid, while Levante are 15th in the overall standings with just 37 points.

Barcelona vs Levante, La Liga, Round 35

 Barcelona are looking to win the three-point title for the 26th time in their history, while Levante are looking forward to a positive and satisfying result away from home.

 The match will be played at 9:45 pm Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait and Comoros, while the game will be played at 8:45 pm time of Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya and Turkey.

 It will be held at 7:45 am Algiers time, Morocco and Tunisia at 10:45 am UAE time, 6:45 am Mauritania time and GMT. It will be broadcast on the channel “BN Sport 3” and will be hung by the commentator (Ali Mohamed Ali).

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