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England vs Czech Republic & Portugal vs Ukraine & Moldova vs France Euro Qualifiers 2020

Cups 22 March 2019

England vs Czech Republic

England coach Gareth Southgate has revealed the formation of the three lions to face the Czechs in the opening of Euro 2020.

England starts the game with the following form:

Goalkeeper: Beckford

Defense: Walker, Shelwell, Dyer, and Ken

Midfield: Maguire, Sancho, Henderson

Attack: Deli Alley, Ken, and Sterling

The expected squad for the Czech Republic includes Thomas Fatschlik in the goalkeeper – Philip Novak – Thomas Kalas – Klostka – Pavel Kadirabek – Tomash Sochik – Jakob Yanko – David Pavelka – Dukal – Matti Fedra – Patrick Shek.

Portugal vs Ukraine

The Portuguese team will host their Ukrainian counterpart on Friday evening at 22:45 Moscow time in the first round of qualifying for the UEFA EURO 2020 finals.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to the squad since the last World Cup in Russia has been seen in the squad.

Moldova vs France

Coach Didier Deschamps has announced that he will face Moldova in the first group stage of the Euro 2020 qualifiers at the Zimbro stadium.

France and Moldova are also in Group 8, which also includes Albania, Turkey, Andorra and Iceland.

Moldova are looking forward to a positive and satisfying result at home and in the crowd, while France, the world champions, look forward to winning and winning the points in the start of their qualifying campaign.

:: The French Official Collection came as follows:

Hugo Lauris

Kurzawa – Omtiti – Paran – Bavar

Canti – Bogba

Kuman – Grizmann – Mbabey

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